Remote & Onsite Support


  • software : Installation and maintenance
  • Hardware : appliance and peripheral’s installation
  • Remote : Windows environment, Apps and driver configuration


We cater for both remote training and onsite. Our Remote training consists of, a remote session of audio and remote desktop assistance, while our onsite, is broader and more thorough, as we are able to teach you how to use different computer hardware, software, mobile devices and other peripherals that you may use on a daily basis. Oh, and don’t worry! if you’re not a tech savvy person, or just starting out, we guarantee you’ll have a great learning experience.

IT Support
Your IT System

Build and Customize your System

Whether you’re a gamer or just wanting a desktop PC to meet your daily requirements for yourself, or own a business that needs multiple PC’s for your production team, we got you covered. Being partnered with some of the best Australian owned IT hardware distributes gives us the advantage of competitive prices, quality and known brands such as, Asus, Intel, AMD and others.

Upgrade your existing system

Over the years systems tend to deteriorate in performance casing “lagg” which results in productivity loss. With us, you don’t need to fork out thousands on a new computer. We see things differently. We’ll review your system and tell you, what can be done to give you best valued performance for time to last.

Our business is focused on making sure you don’t have to deal with any unwanted disruptions due to technical failures or software bugs, so you can focus on the more import task, growing your business.

Auditing your ICT System

We encourage businesses and individuals to ask for a 2nd opinion if they are not satisfied with their current IT service provider. Why us? Because we ask the questions that other businesses wont, we do more than just assume your current system, we interact and observe:

  • Your current system performance, Networking performance, do you suffer from latency causing unwanted disruptions in your productive environment, resulting in time that you wont recover or a potential customer?
  • How is your IT system designed, and what are the threats and weaknesses?
  • How you interact with your system, what you are using it for and how you are using the available resources?
  • Your protection setup, How secure if your business to the outside? Is it venerable to unwanted intrusion?
Auditing system
Sydney Web design development

Website Design/Development

If you’re looking for a brand-new website, or just wanting to give an old website a facelift, we’ve got you covered.  We use industry recognized platforms such as WordPress to develop and design website for our clients. We cater for just about any industry, just tell us what you’re after and we’ll take care of the rest.

Some examples, besides our own

Digital Marketing, build your brand

If you look, trends have changed, many businesses have moved to Digital Marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and etc. Why? because with over 2 billion active users on these platforms, obtaining organic reach has never been easier. We can build your brand and assist you with the following

  • Setup your Social media platforms, create and manage your content
  • Train you on how to use various platforms and create stragities to expand your business/brand
  • schedule your posts at the right times*

*Based on algorthim data supplied for optimal posting reach times

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