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Sydney Trucks & Bus Body Repairs

Being a small Australian business in panel beating, Paul, The CEO of Sydney Truck and bus body repairs, came asking, if we could design a website to help grow his business, and showcase his unique talents of craftmanship in fixing coaches and trucks. As a Small Australian ICT business, we wanted to make sure we were meticulous in making sure everything was on point and be able to provide Paul with the best value. We began by going through a few different website building tools and hosting plans and decided WordPress would be a good solution for his needs. Working together with regular meetings, the website was developed and deployed online.


Sydney Coaches & Bus Body Repairs

Having Successfully assisted Sydney Trucks & Bus Body Repairs, CEO, Paul, asked us to develop a new website, for his new business, Sydney Coaches & Bus Body repairs. Utilizing the same platform WordPress, he wanted a more premium feel. After researching different tools and theme’s we came across one. We started to work and play with the design, feel and the flow. Within a few weeks, the website was all designed and deployed.

The office job, Sydney coaches

While developing the website for Sydney Trucks & Bus body repairs, owner, Paul, asked us to review his office IT equipment as he was wondering why he was having random ads showing up on his desktops and his computers slowing down. After conducting an audit of his IT system, we found, his antivirus had expired, computer hardware was overheating due to hardware that was becoming outdated for the daily tasks he required to do, HDD full of files and corrupted data, Printers outdated with faulty boards. After sitting down and explaining to him, how we could fix his issues without needing to spend thousands, we started to find parts what we could replace and buy the new hardware. Within a couple of weeks, he had an upgraded machine, new printers, router and good antivirus software for his office machines. Fast forward to this very day, the machine still works as a backup, as we’ve built him a new machine for more demanding tasks, provided training on new system to staff, placed new monitors for viewing photo’s and office admin work.

Vpn and streaming

Tony, a non-tech savvy client, came to us asking for our assistance in video streaming, He wanted to understand how it worked and the benefits it has over Cable TV as he’d never had exposure to new modern streaming technology. Having the opportunity to sit with tony and explain to him how streaming worked and how it can save him lots of money while getting an entire world-wide library of content, got him interested. The biggest issues, we advised him, was VPN’s unfortunately can suffer from “Transparent Proxys” which results in geo-blocking, they essentially can detect you are using a proxy/SmartDNS and prohibit you from access different region, then your own country. Having trust in us, he proceeded. We ordered the equipment that we believed would resolve these issues. Within a few weeks, we were able to setup, configure and fine tune the devices and VPN. To this day, he’s very satisfied.

Building the Brand Sydney coaches

Sydney Coaches & Bus Body repairs first began their marketing with a medium-size marketing agency. After a few months and thousands spent on different campaigns, SEO, and other services that were offered, I took the role of building their brand using different digital marketing platforms and utilizing my ever-expanding skillset. Today I have grown the Sydney Coaches & Bus Body repairs community larger and have succeeded in expanding their brand. Tomorrow, I plan on assisting more smaller-mid size businesses achieve the same results.



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  • positive review  helped me with my laptop issues, and solved right away!! recommend highly!

    Matthew Tok Avatar Matthew Tok
    March 18, 2019

    positive review  As Director of Sydney Coaches & Bus Body Repairs it’s important for me to have a reliable IT system in my office to be completely functional and reliable at all times. For this I rely on Maximilian’s knowledge and experience. Over the years Maximilian has not only shown he has a high degree of knowledge and experience but also has given me the confidence of entrusting him with the maintenance, upgrading of my office network and security. If anyone is looking for an IT Professional for their company and needs someone who is not just confidence, but has the ability to think fast and get the job done, then Maximilian is your guy!

    Paul Priddle Avatar Paul Priddle
    March 17, 2019

    positive review  Being a non tech savvy person, I came to Max asking him to help me with my laptop issue. I explained to him that the keyboard was working but out of nowhere it had stopped. Max advise me to bring it in so he could have a look as he suspects it could be a hardware fault or a driver issue. The next day, I gave him my laptop, and he inspected it. He told me it was a hardware issue and all I needed was to buy a wireless keyboard and keep using the laptop. He explained to me in further detail, that the laptop performance is still good for my needs, and there is no need to spends hundreds on a new laptop. In result, I am very happy with the service and professionalism Max has shown. My biggest appreciation is his value and authenticity.

    Danty Gorges Avatar Danty Gorges
    March 19, 2019