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We believe what sets businesses apart in this competitive world is uniqueness; your brand image. When a visitor clicks on your website, you are displaying your brand, the way you are perceived. We believe having a professional website designed is part of the formula. The way to do this, understand your brand, your industry then create designs based on your needs and wants utilizing quality resources and tools. Your potential customers will discover you faster leading to higher conversion of sales and growth.

Our Process


Initial Planning

Whether it’s a hobby or something you’re passionate about, we can help you get started. One of our platform of choice, WordPress, offers great flexibility and tools to make it easy for you.

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Information architecture

We want to understand your structure, ie, Single landing page or Multiple pages, where links and pages need to be and how they connect. Having a smooth flow is essential for any succesful website.

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Content Strategy

What type of content do you have, it could be images, video, blog posts and/or products/service you are going to be selling. Having a good strategy in-place will affect SEO and your online presence.

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Website Design

Initially we’ll sit-down with you to discuss ideas on how you want your website to look and feel. We believe designing modern websites is key to high user engagement, by keeping pages simple, good hierarchy layout and using quality content.

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Website Development

Our team will start to develop your website to your design specifications. We’ll continuously keep you updated on the progress. You can still make changes to further improve the look and feel. Our team will provide ideas on improving your online presence.

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SEO and Social Media

Using integration tools such as Google’s business platform and analytics, we’ll have a strategy setup to ensure you get the most from a Google search or your Digital Marketing platforms. Creating Content plays a huge role in your “Brand” which we can offer services to promote growth.

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Our work


Sydney Coaches & Bus Body Smash repairs

Bus/coaches repairs

Paul, an existing client asked us to develop a new website, for his new business, Sydney Coaches & Bus Body repairs. Utilizing the same platform WordPress, he wanted a more premium feel. After researching different tools and theme’s we came across one. We started to work and play with the design, feel and the flow.

Matthew, from TK WATCHES Miranda, came to us for a eCommerce website to be developed for his brand. We sat down with him and went though our process. We explained to Matthew the imporance of relability, security and user friendly interface being an online store. The WordPress platform has enabled us to fulfill his goals. 

TK Watches Website ODIN IT

TK WATCHES – Seiko watches

Online eCommerce shop

SRTechnologies- it-support - engadine

SR Technologies

IT Services

Small family run businessin Engadine dedicated to IT Support and other services wanted a website to tell visitors how they can benefit their existing IT Systems or build one from scratch. Their expertise is in Security, Networking and VOIP. SR Technologies also caters for gamers and streaming solutions.

Rosemary from Craig’s Table approached me to assist her workers compensation, a website dedicated to creating awareness for workers who have sufered injuries in the workplace. We were delited to create a website with information for workers and donation portal to assist funding rosemary’s project.

Craig's Table ODIN-IT web design

Craig’s table

Workers compensation

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